Tips to prevent Osteoporosis in young age

Tips to prevent Osteoporosis in young age | Welcome to the blog of international health information, this time we will discuss about the bones. in particular osteoporosis.Osteoporosis is always associated with women who are menopausal. Because it is associated with the estrogen hormone in women, when women are not in the ' hitch ' hormone estrogen decreases and then became a sign that bone density in women also began to diminish.

Although osteoporosis problems often associated with menopausal women but not closed the possibility that osteoporosis can also occur in men under 30a years or even 20 years, so also a woman that age without associated with menopause. This is because the problem of osteoporosis can be caused by many things and factors. So before we discuss more about tips to prevent osteoporosis in a young age, first we note all kinds of osteoporosis (porous bones) that occurs in humans.

Based on the cause, Osteoporosis caused by 4 for postmenopausal osteoporosis, which happens because of the lack of the hormone estrogen, this resulted in a decreased bone density. Osteoporosis occurs in women aged 40 to 71 years.

Next is the senile osteoporosis occurs due to lack of calcium, which occurs because of a problem of balance in the body. Senile osteoporosis occurs in men or women aged 70 years and over, although the women are more at risk of having osteoporosis senile. Further related to the medical condition known by the term secondary osteoporosis. Although only 5% by dilami osteoporosis sufferers will be but a less healthy lifestyle largely determine the risk of the occurrence of diseases of secondary osteoporosis.

The fourth is osteoporosis, osteoporosis idiopathic juvenil is not known what the cause. These types usually occur in children aged under 20 years. If you're into alleged by one type of Osteoporosis is then emptied into the street and tips to prevent Osteoporosis in young age. Here we some how shre you should look in preventing bone loss problems.

Tips To Prevent Osteoporosis Early
1. Reduce their risk factors
The main things that must be done in an effort to prevent Osteoporosis early is avoiding the risk of bone porous happen. One of them is too skinny body, skinny or lack of body mass resulted in bone does not produce cells, so that bone mass is formed.

Another factor that could happen is any style when sleeping or sitting too often, this also can make bones less porous, because the body produces bone cells.

2. exercise regularly
Sport is an important thing to do to stimulate the increase of bone mass. If lazy in work out then the bone mass density in shaping the reluctant, so easy to Osteoporosis.

3. Sufficient nutrients
In preventing Osteoporosis Peck calcium is very important so that the bone healthy always. Then recommend to consume 2 cups of milk in a single day, as well as by consuming dairy products. In addition, complete also by consuming vitamin D for calcium absorption could maksmal. Add with protein intake such as tofu, tempeh and nuts so as to reduce the risk of the occurrence of bone fractures.

4. Changing lifestyles
Tips to prevent Osteoporosis at a young age is changing the lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle. Don't like fizzy drinks to consume, because this drink would produce a substance that works to release the parathyroid calcium in the blood.

Avoid caffeinated beverages and smoking, because it could interfere with the calcium in the bones. Smoke will accelerate the occurrence of bone absorption in Osteoporosis risks magnify that at a young age.

So the tips and how to prevent osteoporosis in young age. By replacing the lifestyle of bad to the bone health, the healthy will be guarded from porous and osteoporosis. I hope this article was helpful